Oak Forest


Colombia is the only country in South America that has oaks. This is probably one of the last oak forests remaining in the vicinity of Bogota. It consists of a population of the species Quercus Humboldtii. The hardness of the oak makes it especially fit for railroad construction and fine furniture, reason enough for it to have been devastated to the point of making it an endangered species.

These oaks can live for over 300 years and reach more than 30 meters in height. Their acorns are food for squirrels and woodpeckers and their leaves, when struck by the afternoon sun, form a golden mantle on the forest floor.

In the oak forest you'll find the Canopy activities.

Physical activity level: Moderate  
Length of the trail: 2.5 kms.
Approximate time on trail: 1 hour, from El Refugio.