About Chicaque

At Chicaque, we have conserved and protected nature since 1891. Inaugurated on April 21, 1990, we were the first private reserve in Colombia. A few kilometers from Bogotá, we protect one of the last oak forests that are close to the capital. Hundreds of species of birds and mammals inhabit our more than 300 hectares, such as sloth bears, tigrillos, guatines, borugos, nocturnal monkeys and porcupines. We are a source of pure water for San Antonio del Tequendama. We provide ecotourism services, including restaurants and accommodation in tree houses, camping, cabins, glamping and hostel.

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Our objective, in addition to protecting, expanding the cloud forest and raising awareness of the importance of nature, is to generate well-being for our visitors and all those who make up our organization.

Now, for the first time in 30 years, we have been forced to close our doors. For many years we have been the main source of employment in the region, since more than 50 families depend on the park to subsist. However, this will not stop. For a few years, we started to produce organic food in our gardens, to help stock our restaurants.

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In this way, we have reinvented ourselves to offer some of these products, including fruits, vegetables, preserves, dairy products, and bakery products to Bogotá, Soacha, Chía, Cota and Cajicá, hand in hand with the farmers of the region, taking them to the doors of their houses in a weekly basket of Frutos de Chicaque. Thus offering an alternative that allows them to survive in the current situation while continuing to meet their commitment to generate well-being and continue to protect the forest, factory of clean water and air.