Matoño's Lagoon

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Matoño's Lagoon, named in honor of the founder of Chicaque "Manuel Antonio Escobar Lozano" is a small body of water fed by spring waters that flow from the lower part of the Eagle's Peak. For more than 40 years the lagoon suffered from degradation due to traditional agriculture that eroded the hills that surround it, and later due to the action of livestock that entered the body of the water itself, contaminating and eroding it further, to the point of almost disappearing. Finally, in 2012 Chicaque acquired the property adjacent to the lagoon, and the restoration of the lagoon began, with the help of dozens of volunteers, working for over 5 years. Today the lagoon has recovered a part of its water mirror, it's visited by various birds and inhabited by small frogs and crabs.

Next to it grow wax palms planted by the precursor of conservation in Chicaque, Manuel Lozano, more than 120 years ago.

The road has steep and rocky sections that can be slippery in rainy seasons, so it can be highly demanding.

The trail to the Matoño's Lagoon can be done from the Refugio or from Eagle's Peak. 

Physical requirement level: Medium / High

Travel time: From the refuge 2.5 hours, from the peak 1.5 hours