Eagle's Peak


The Eagle's Peak (Pico del Aguila) is a natural viewpoint located at 2,290 meters above sea level, sitting on the very edge of the eastern Andean range.

It was formed by a series of ancient rocky landslides from the higher mountains making up what nowadays has one of the greatest views in the region.

The bold may choose to stand on the brink of precipices dropping 250 meters into the valleys below. On clear days you’ll be able to see the Tequendama region, the towns of Santandercito, Mesitas, Anapoima, la Mesa, Tena, and with a little luck the snow capped peaks of the Central Andes, Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima.

Due to the high carbon concentration of the rocks some of them have a dark color. Hot air currents make the zone a great place to see birds of prey.

You can get there by three different paths, from the Park entrance going down on the main road, from the Roquedal trail, or from the Butterflies trail.

Physical activity level: Moderate  
Length of the trail: Depends on the chosen route
Approximate time on trail: Depends on the chosen route