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Algunas recomendaciones importante que hay que tener en cuenta para tu próxima visita







If you have a heart condition and have been indicated to avoid strenuous exercise, you may wish to hire car or horseback riding for the trajectory from El Refugio to the Park entrance, and avoid the most demanding trails. Please take your time to hike through the different trails.

Most of the trails are steep and rocky, and if there's been rain, can get slippery.  Pregnant women are advised to be cautious when hiking.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Avoid wearing jeans, if they get wet they'll stick to you and make it harder to walk. Wear layers of clothes, that allow you to be cooler, or warmer; the weather may vary greatly on one day.


Use comfortable shoes that protect your ankles and have soles with good grip. Take a light raincoat or poncho or waterproof jacket. Take a canteen for water, cap or hat, sunblock, and a flashlight. Wear a small, light backpack where you can carry your things, so that your hands are free when walking.

Please bear the following in mind when hiking through the pak; walk carefully, don't run, stay within the trails, and be on the lookout for signposting.

Fees paid for any and all services are non-refundable.

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