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           Park Rules

Algunos puntos que tener en cuenta al momento de agendar tu visita al parque

​Please abstain from bringing pets, boomboxes (or any music player with external speakers), drones, glass containers, weapons, knives, cigarettes, matches, lighters, or alcoholic beverages into the park. Visitors may be inspected upon arrival. If any of the above are found, they will be confiscated and returned upon exit from the park.


- Don't write, carve into, or make markings on trees, rocks, plants, etc. 

- Don't throw trash

- Stay within the trails

- Don't pick any flowers or plants


Removing biological samples from a protected area is forbidden. Please help us take care of nature. 


"Don't take anything, don't leave anything"

No marque, escriba o cause daño a las cortezas de los árboles

No bote basura

No fume dentro del parque

Manténgase siempre dentro de los senderos demarcados

No arranque plantas


Sustraer muestras biológicas de una reserva natural, o ocasionar daños a ellas puede tener sanciones legales. Ayúdenos a cuidar la naturaleza.


"No te lleves nada, no dejes nada"

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