Colonial Trail


Before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, this pre Columbian path was used by Muisca and Panche natives to connect the Bacata Plateau (now Bogota) with the deep valley of the Magdalena River. During the conquest the colonizers widened the path to allow for the passage of horses and mules.

This beautiful trail is built entirely of rock steps that have been smoothed by the footsteps of dozens of generations, during the course of hundreds of years. Walking through it is like returning to a long forgotten past.

This trail is split up in two segments. It starts near the Park Entrance where the brick steps of the main viewpoint end, and descends to the lower part of Chicaque ending near the Playa creek, just 500 meters away from the Refugio.

Physical activity level: Going down, moderate. Going up, high. 
Length of the trail: 1.5 kms.
Approximate time on trail: On the way down, 40 minutes. On the way up, 1 hour.